Top Ten Reasons Not to get Joint Replacement Surgery

If joint replacement surgery is an option you are considering, please take the time to watch this video and read the following report.   Knee and hip replacement surgeries come with many risks and complications. Several years ago we queried the National Sampling System for Medicare and found that in the year 2008 alone, there […]

Curcumin complex reduces arthritis symptoms

A low dose of a curcumin complex has been found to help relive pain and increase mobility in patients with osteoarthritis, according to a new study from Indena. Indena, the Italian ingredient firm claims that this is “the first time that curcumin shows clinical efficacy at low and realistic doses”.

GSE Ultra 110 Grape Seed Extract

GSE Ultra 110™ can prevent free-radical damage to collagen and elastin, push back the clock, and reverse the effects of aging on your body.* GSE Ultra 110™ is a super-antioxidant providing 50 times more antioxidant protection than Vitamin E and 20 times more protection than Vitamin C. Oligomeric Proanthocyanidin Complexes (OPC), the super-antioxidants in GSE Ultra 110™, are the most active and bioavailable of all the antioxidants.
To a large extent…

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