Dr. Hansen Injured in Bicycling Accident

It started out like most any day, except it had rained about an hour before my usual 10 mile bike ride through the neighborhood. I have been riding an all carbon road bike with the skinny racing wheels for about 5 months now and I really loved it. I could go fast and just stay […]

Multivitamins linked to younger ‘biological age'

The cells of multivitamin users may have a younger biological age than cells from non-users, according to new research from the US. Researchers from National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, led by Honglei Chen, MD, PhD, looked at the length of telomere DNA sequences at the end of chromosomes. They found that they shorten as […]

Healthiest Diets: Mediterranean and Okinawa

If you want to enjoy a longer life, eat a Mediterranean diet: lots of vegetables, legumes, fruits, and cereals, along with plenty of fish. Keep your intake of saturated fats low but your consumption of olive oil high. Avoid dairy products and meat. The American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) guidelines emphasize a plant-based diet […]

Eat More Grapes – Live Longer Healthier

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Grapes may prove to be the fountain of youth. Recently 60 Minutes aired a segment featuring the research of Dr. David Sinclair who discovered that Resveretrol from the skin of grapes boosts special enzymes known as sirtuins (pronounced sir-TOO-ins) that enhance cell survival during times of stress and extend the lifespan. To watch the 60 Minute TV segment click here.

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