Stop the FDA's Massive Attack Against Supplements

ACTION ALERT Alliance for Natural Health Update posted 10/11/16 The FDA’s New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) notification process threatens consumer access to thousands of dietary supplements. The biggest issues in the original guidance remain in the latest revised version, and it is critical that the document be revised again to reflect what was intended in DSHEA: […]

Rising Costs / Limited Supply of Compounded Medications

Sadly, the Drug Quality and Security Act is a deviously misnamed attempt by big drug companies to put its competition out of business. It became law on November 27, 2013, after being signed by President Obama. Unfortunately, it seems Congress, influenced by big pharmacy’s big lobbying dollars, wanted to make the appearance of repremanding the FDA for […]

Petition the AMA, FDA, Big Pharma, Congress, and Media to Come Clean

Please TAKE ACTION NOW! Sign this Petition to the AMA, FDA, Congress and the Major Media Outlets Here’s my Petition Letter: As a physician who represents thousands of well educated patients who are familiar with the tremendous volumes of positive research that supports the use of Vitamin Supplements, I was recently very disappointed to see […]

Sham Vitamin Study – Shame on AMA & Complicit Media

Last Monday the AMA’s journal, Archives of Internal Medicine, released a study claiming that vitamin use might lead to an earlier death. This set off a major media frenzy of exaggerated headlines. This study is a sham and keeps getting worse and worse. Today we have new info that clearly shows that last week’s horribly flawed vitamin study is […]

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